Each game event is calculated in 3 hours, we count about 20 minutes to Safety Review & Delivery of equipment before the game starts. How many matches you have time to play during that time is entirely up to you - you pause when you want and you decide the pace! However, you choose for yourself when you feel satisfied, for example if you only play for an hour or two hours it is entirely up to you.

Included in all of our packages:

  • World-class instructors - Trained in CPR and are available to support throughout our stay
  • Semi Automatic Paintball Markers
  • Full body overalls with neck protection and protective mask
  • Experience our fantastic fields & modes of play
  • Joy and a lot of money for money!

Choose the date & time below when you want to play, you buy & choose packages on site - the booking fee is deducted from the package you choose on site! 

NOTE. The booking fee is only a deposit to reserve the time for you. The fee is deducted from the package you choose on site & only serves as security for us & for you as a customer. 

Do you have questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to contact us by email. info@hollvikenpaintball.se

For bookings less than 100 participants please use the booking system here on the page.

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